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Dude Ranching in Arizona

Dude ranches were Arizona’s first destination vacation. The earliest were built on working cattle ranches, stage stops, mining claims, and homesteads. Early dudes were typically wealthy and stayed for a long time, some for so long that one ranch had a school for its guests’ children. Dude ranches were built around unspoiled country and offered spectacular views, “healthy” weather, and the chance to experience the cowboy life. Hollywood filmmakers came and, with them, some of the biggest figures of their time.


Lazy B: Growing up on a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest

In this illuminating and unusual book, Sandra Day O’Connor tells, with her brother, Alan, the story of the Day family, and of growing up on the harsh yet beautiful land of the Lazy B ranch in Arizona. Laced throughout these stories about three generations of the Day family, and everyday life on the Lazy B, are the lessons Sandra and Alan learned about the world, self-reliance, and survival, and how the land, people, and values of the Lazy B shaped them.


Cowboy Up!: Life Lessons from the Lazy B

FINALIST New Mexico-Arizona Book Award
FINALIST Arizona Authors Association Book Award

 If you’re served a piece of humble pie, thank the server and choke it down. So says H. Alan Day, an award-winning author and American cowboy, who grew up on a 200,000-acre southwestern cattle ranch, made a hand at age five, and lived adventures most of us only witness on Netflix. While interacting with cowhands, horses, and the land, Alan learned valuable life lessons ….

The Horse Lover: A Cowboy's Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs

WINNER New Mexico – Arizona Book Award
WINNER Arizona Authors Association Book Award
WINNER Will Rogers Medallion Award
FINALIST Reading the West Book Award

He already owned and managed two ranches and needed a third about as much as he needed a permanent migraine: that’s what Alan Day said every time his friend pestered him about an old ranch in South Dakota.


Dude Ranching in Wyoming (Images of America)

Dude ranches were the West’s first destination vacation. In the early 20th century, they lured East Coast elites and their families out to the unspoiled wilderness and ranching country of the Rocky Mountains. In order to get to the dude ranches, tourists, who were often looking for an escape from their city lives, had to travel long journeys via trains, stages, wagons, and horseback. Wyoming was home to two dude ranch firsts. Howard, Willis, and Alden Eaton were pioneers in the business, and their Eatons’ Ranch continues today.

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